Playing outside: from-the-wild design method

It was a very early morning wake up for this Montréaler today, I absolutely wanted to catch the 8th GamiFOREST coffee talk at half past noon Helsinki time. The speaker, Ferran Altarriba Bertran, navigates the worlds of human computer interaction (HCI) from various perspectives, from sustainability, food and now, design methods for outdoor activities. The… Continue reading Playing outside: from-the-wild design method

Preserving games on the scholarly record

In February 2021, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL-ABRC), of which Concordia Library is a member, issued a fascinating white paper on the development of fair dealing guidelines. The author, Mark Swartz, makes a compelling case to focus on software preservation. Video games are mentioned in passing. Fair dealing is a general exception to… Continue reading Preserving games on the scholarly record

La monnaie de carte / card money

La monnaie de carte est un véhicule financier pour signaler une dette ou une prestation à effectuer envers quelqu’un – par le biais d’une note inscrite sur une carte à jouer. Au Québec, celle-ci était utilisée à la fin du 17e siècle.

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Jeux et liens entre les jeux

La bibliothèque publique de Vaudreuil-Dorion propose 82 items pour la Nintendo Switch, une console de jeux vidéo. Si l’on trie les items selon leurs sujets, on obtient la liste suivante: Jeux vidéo  (82) Jeux vidéo Nintendo Switch.  (82) Guerres et batailles imaginaires Jeux vidéo  (11) Monstres Jeux vidéo  (10) Lieux imaginaires Jeux vidéo  (8) Bien et mal Jeux vidéo  (7) Super… Continue reading Jeux et liens entre les jeux

On the value of older games

Interesting YouTube video on why certain games are rare or valuable. Buzz around old games may artificially inflate the price of an item. But things get more complex…

Some reports / articles

Stumbled on a few old-ish pieces, here is the list: Geoffrey Crossick & Patrycja Kaszynska (2014) Under construction: Towards a framework for cultural value, Cultural Trends, 23:2, 120-131, DOI: 10.1080/09548963.2014.897453 Lee, J.H., Holmes, D. and Lobe, B. (2016), Media format matters: Users’ perceptions of physical versus digital games. Proc. Assoc. Info. Sci. Tech., 53: 1-10. Sotamaa, Olli, Karppi, Tero Games as Services… Continue reading Some reports / articles

Handheld video games in prison

Here is a YouTube video (18 minutes) about a prison issued handheld vide game console. Interesting how games are selected and how the devices are designed.

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Documenting game design

This interesting article just popped on my radar screen: Rilla Khaled, Jonathan Lessard, and Pippin Barr. 2018. Documenting trajectories in design space: a methodology for applied game design research. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG ’18). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 27, 1–10.… Continue reading Documenting game design