Playing outside: from-the-wild design method

It was a very early morning wake up for this Montréaler today, I absolutely wanted to catch the 8th GamiFOREST coffee talk at half past noon Helsinki time. The speaker, Ferran Altarriba Bertran, navigates the worlds of human computer interaction (HCI) from various perspectives, from sustainability, food and now, design methods for outdoor activities. The… Continue reading Playing outside: from-the-wild design method

On the value of older games

Interesting YouTube video on why certain games are rare or valuable. Buzz around old games may artificially inflate the price of an item. But things get more complex…

Documenting game design

This interesting article just popped on my radar screen: Rilla Khaled, Jonathan Lessard, and Pippin Barr. 2018. Documenting trajectories in design space: a methodology for applied game design research. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG ’18). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 27, 1–10.… Continue reading Documenting game design

Porting retro games: M2

  As part of my exploration to better understand how games can be preserved and made accessible through play, I have been using the Youtube platform to explore the variety of channels related to video games culture. Retro gaming focused channels have been a specific way of looking at the topic of preservation and accessibility… Continue reading Porting retro games: M2

Hanafuda cards

Although their origin story is much more complex, one could simply state that hanafuda cards were first developed in Japan a couple of hundred years ago and are a take on western style decks. Here are a few videos on some games one could play with them: This video offers some historic insight: Of course,… Continue reading Hanafuda cards

Rules versus strategies

I’ve been slowly but compulsively thinking about the interaction between “rules” and “strategy” – which is to say, from my legal scholar’s perspective, can good laws make for a better society. Games are, following insight from Guy Rocher (a “famous” sociology of law prof at U. de Montréal), a pluralist source for normative rules in… Continue reading Rules versus strategies

This just in: open access ebook on game development

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick email, brief and pragmatic, to open the floodgates wide open. That is how Henrik Engström, professor of Informatics of University of Skövde’s (Sweden) Division of game development, announced his new open access ebook on game development : I would like to announce a new book on game development… Continue reading This just in: open access ebook on game development