Preserving games on the scholarly record

In February 2021, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL-ABRC), of which Concordia Library is a member, issued a fascinating white paper on the development of fair dealing guidelines. The author, Mark Swartz, makes a compelling case to focus on software preservation. Video games are mentioned in passing. Fair dealing is a general exception to… Continue reading Preserving games on the scholarly record

On the value of older games

Interesting YouTube video on why certain games are rare or valuable. Buzz around old games may artificially inflate the price of an item. But things get more complex…

Porting retro games: M2

  As part of my exploration to better understand how games can be preserved and made accessible through play, I have been using the Youtube platform to explore the variety of channels related to video games culture. Retro gaming focused channels have been a specific way of looking at the topic of preservation and accessibility… Continue reading Porting retro games: M2